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Susan G


I want my husband's mom to stay with us. At home. She has dementia and Alzheimer's and is recovering from a stroke. I am home with a back disability and can only do so much for her. Having Embracing Hearts help us with mom and keeping her at home means the world to our family.
Sandy is a wonderful advocate for mom's disability and finds just the right person to help her gain some of independence.
If it wasn't for Embracing Hearts being here for mom, she would be in a nursing home and living out her days as just another patient.
We highly recommend Embracing Hearts!!

Comforting Hands

James Ledford


We’ve been using this company for several months and they have been a huge blessing with helping take care of my dad and providing some wonderful companionship, especially during this COVID quarantine! Can’t recommend them enough!

Jackie Raez



Embracing Hearts at Home took care of my father at our home for three years until his very last moments. The personal touch and genuine compassionate care towards my dad was something that impressed me the most. I highly recommend Embracing Hearts at Home for caring of your elderly parents.

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Linda L


The caregivers that take care of our Pops are essential to him and us. They treat him with love, respect and they honor his dignity. Sandy goes above and beyond to make sure he has the care he needs. Thank you so much!

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Sandy and her team were wonderful for my mom while she was here at home. They worked to helped me have some time. I trusted them to be in my home and help my wonderful mother. Christy would come over and spend time with my mom. She was amazing. This a great company! Jacob in Loganville, GA

Holding Hands

Jonathan Alan Podesta


Wonderful company goes above and beyond for its clients and always strives to meet the needs of its client’s... high recommend them.


Mary B



When my husband was released from the hospital with a cancer diagnosis, his main wish was to spend his final days at home. It became clear that his needs were more than I could handle - even with Hospice care - and that's when my daughter suggested Embracing Hearts. She had talked with Sandy, the owner, and was impressed with her knowledge and expertise as a nurse and healthcare professional. From the moment I spoke with Sandy, I felt her concern for my husband's needs. She set up a schedule with trained individuals to provide me with round- the- clock care, who stayed the night so I could get some sleep and run errands during the day. They helped with his feeding tube, medications, and keeping him comfortable. If I needed anything or there was a problem with any aspect of his care, I called Sandy, and not only was she available to talk to me, but she would follow up with a home visit to make sure things were running smoothly. Her total commitment to my husband's care was a priority and it was such a blessing knowing he was being taken care of with compassion and dignity. I highly recommend Embracing Hearts to anyone who needs home care but also the assurance of having a wonderful and loving group of caregivers.

White Branch

Regina W


Embracing Hearts at Home has been spectacular with our mother. They have been accommodating to all of her needs and us as her family. I would recommend them to help you keep your loved one at home.

Tucker .png

Dan F


I would highly recommend Embracing Hearts at Home.

Sandy is always very involved in the quality of my care and makes sure I'm always well taken care of. It's important to me to have a consistent Caregiver and she is like a member of the family.




I highly recommend Embracing Hearts at Home. Sandy is wonderful to work with. She works diligently to find the best fit of caregivers for my brother, seeking to fully understand the entire situation and find the right people not just fill the schedule. She has even on an occasion taken a shift herself rather than send someone who would not be a good fit. She has been available to answer my questions and the caregivers questions when they are with him which is necessary given his many medical challenges. I have no reservation recommending Embracing Hearts at Home!

Janine D


Embracing Hearts at Home is a wonderful company! We recently had a need for respite care for my 84 year old mother & Embracing Hearts filled that need promptly. We are so impressed!!!. We are very thankful for the professionalism, warmth and genuine care that was provided my mother. Sandy is very genuine and compassionate and sent the perfect person to take care of my mother ( Thank you, Marquita! You have a friend for life in my mother). I cannot recommend Embracing Hearts at Home highly enough. They truly live up to the name of their company.

Connie D.


Sandy and her team have been caring for my mom since April 2017. My mom has chronic pain syndrome and is a very challenging patient. Not only does my mom receive professional care, but they are very compassionate, concerned, and caring. I truly don't know what my brother and I would do without their services.


D.S. M.


By far the best team around. We dropped a very complex and uncooperative client in Sandy's lap with very little warning. In a matter of only days, she had a care plan and team on board that was a perfect match for my mother. I would recommend Sandy and her team to anyone who needs caring and compassionate people to look after their love ones.

Ali C.


I used Embracing Hearts at Home several times, and was very pleased with how the owner Always looked out for the best interest of my husband and myself. If the fit wasn't right with one of their care-givers they always were willing to try to get another care-giver that was the right fit. The compassion and the going that extra mile meant so much to us. I would highly recommend them.

Jackie R.


Sandy as the owner she cares genuinely for the well being of her Clients! The caregivers she sends over to my dad (for the past 18 months) shows that she makes sure of a good match. Sandy comes by continuously to ensure that my Dad is being taken care of. We are blessed to have met Sandy and would highly recommend her for your loved ones.



We worked with Sandy to get the best care for my husband. She is compassionate and is very careful in her selection and matching caregivers with your family member. I trust her and the providers she sends to the house. My husband was very happy with the quality of her aides.



Embracing Hearts at Home is a nice company to work with. The owner is very personable, and tries to accommodate her clients needs. The caregivers themselves are quite nice and friendly. I've had two primary ladies, but also different fill-ins if I needed persons at other times, or my primary caregivers could not come. All were very friendly, supportive, and did everything that I needed. My needs are mainly transportation, help at home with lifting and bringing things upstairs. I do not need help with medication, washing myself, or anything like that. The caregivers arrive on time, or delay or adjust their arrival time for appointments or if I am running behind schedule. Overall, everyone is very nice to work with, and I believe you will be very satisfied with this company.


Zena M


Embracing Hearts At Home have been really great for my Mom.

The Caregiver's are loving, patience and caring. They portray a level and skills needed to make us feel secure that our Mom is happy, safe and comfortable. Thank you very much.

Concrete Wall

Charles R


Sandy and her team are incredible. They have been taking care of my Mom for almost 6 months now, and man can we see the difference in Mom's health. Truly a great team !!

Elizabeth K




Sandy and her staff have been wonderful to work with. She listens and works to deliver the best qualified caregivers to stay with my dad. They have always been prompt, polite, and not only handle his medical needs but also engage him in conversation. I feel reassured knowing he is in their care.


Michelle S





I have to be honest, with all medical facilities being short staffed, it was very hard and took several tries to find the perfect fit for my mom. Unfortunately, all companies are going through this. I held on. I am finally very happy with the caregiver that got fit with my mom and all of her needs. My mom feels very comfortable now and I feel safe knowing that I can go to work and mom will be OK. Sandy (the owner) goes above and beyond and will even cover shifts if needed. She is on top of her clients needs and tries hard to set up the perfect match. She is also very quick to respond to any questions I may have.


Deanna T


If you are looking for a great experience when it comes to home care services for your love one.

Embracing Hearts At Home is an awesome home health provider!

My mom is a client and we have received superb customer service. The staff is compassionate, professional, and dependable.

Sandy the owner, goes above and beyond to ensure that quality patient care is the main priority.

As a caregiver it can often be very stressful at times.

Sandy and her team practice effective communication, trust worthiness, motivation,, and empathy.

The Embracing Hearts team is very professional and caring.

Especially Patricia who is currently providing excellent client services for my mom.

Pat is always willing and ready to do whatever she can to make sure the whole family/ client dynamic is taking care of.

If you are looking for a provider that treat your love ones like they would treat there family member.

Embracing Hearts At Home is the agency you should choose!

Thanks, Embracing Hearts At Home Team for doing an amazing job!

Satisfied Customer,


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