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I am a former employee of Embracing Heart At Home and I worked with this company for 2 years. I truly enjoyed my years with this company the owner Sandy is very involved and hands on with all her clients. she was an amazing boss and she was very understanding of emergency that would arise with my children. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a great work environment and a great boss!!


I started working with Embracing Hearts at Home back in October 2020, by way of referral of an employee. Sandra Brumfield whom we call Sandy and Marquita were just warm helpful voices on the other end of the phone and email in the onboarding process. Coming on board during the pandemic was relatively easy and convenient. I started an assignment fast I was properly introduced to the client and briefed to the case and the client’s needs, every time.  Sandy and Marquita had a mutual respect and accord with their clients. This made it easy for the client to receive me in their homes.

The system in which we used (Homebase) to clock in/out, communicate all our needs, communicate clients notes, report vitals, all covid-19 precautions everything you can think of was posted on home base. We had team meetings were we had a platform to give input and actually see the feedback at work.

The key take always for me was the communication and hands on assistance from Management.   Nicole.

I started working for Embracing Hearts at Home in April. Immediately I knew this is the company I wanted to work for. Sandy and Marquita does an amazing job keeping you updated on anything that is going on. They not only care about your performance at work but also show care to your personal life. There is always room for growth and learning new things while working for this company. When going to a client home, they ensure that you are comfortable and confident in doing what you are doing before leaving you alone. These two are so hands on with you that you feel like you’re  the only one that is employed with the company. 

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